Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Fleetneedles' Forage: Chickweed

As part of our Save Our Skills year, we are looking at foraging. These post were originally published on our Facebook Page, we'd like to thank Claire Fleetneedle for allowing us to publish them here.

It's invasive, it's a nuisance, it's useful #foraging #saveourskills

Chickweed (Stellaria Media)

Monday, May 25, 2015

Spring: Blossom in the Orchard

Blossom at this time of year reminds us of how far this piece of ground has come in the four years since we tackled the weeds and dug eight holes, added sixteen barrow loads of manure and compost, and planted eight trees that formed the first part of our orchard. Even the stakes we cut by hand and that resulted in a tetanus injection for Andrew. We knew from the start the orchard had to include only local varieties grown in Yorkshire. We wanted hardy. We wanted tasty fruit. We lost some trees along the way, a Damson, a Greengage and an apple, some succumbed to dry summers, others to the wind and one to canker. Starting an orchard from scratch is no mean feat.

Starting a new orchard is worth while, you just need patience #gardening
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