Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Fleetneedles' Forage: Cleavers

As part of our Save Our Skills year, we are looking at foraging. These post were originally published on our Facebook Page, we'd like to thank Claire Fleetneedle for allowing us to publish them here.

Foraging for cleavers and their uses #saveourskills #foraging

Cleavers (Galium Aparine)

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Spring: Preparing for Runner Beans in the Field

The mid section of our garden has always been referred to as an allotment but as the rest of the garden has come into play, especially under our Wartime Garden years, we have yearned to do something different with this 150 foot plus area. It is only 25 foot wide and some of this is lost to a hornbeam hedge that enshrines the entire length; there as a windbreak, which is needed on a hillside. This year we are tearing out all the paths, moving the utility shed, digging up the fruit bushes and creating one large area that we call the 'field'. It's a large area but means we can have longer rows of produce and more importantly change it from a four bed rotation model to a twelve bed one bringing in needed green manures, flowers and heavy duty crops that we can store. This has meant a heavy manuring schedule as we want to bring the whole garden into use this year, including a section by the house, earmarked for chickens. Part of using manure means knowing which crops use the most and Runner Beans are hungry crops.

Preparing the ground for runner beans.
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